You can call our store, email us or even better visit our beautiful shop where we discuss and make every frame. If you know the size you need great!  If you are not sure we can help choose that for you. 

What size?


Our aim is for everyone to be able to have beautiful hand made frames, so we have a wide range of frames to choose from. We don't send pieces away, instead we have converted our upstairs into a frame work shop for our framer Maria. This keeps costs down and quality control high. Frames can also be paid on collection instead of in advance.  

Something for every budget


Our framing table where we discuss all framing enquiries is surrounded by frame samples for you to choose from. They are attached by velcro and can be taken down and held up against whatever you are planning to frame with us. You can look at these any time you visit the shop, with or without a plan to talk to us about framing. As soon as you find one you like we can get started! 

Choose the look... pick a frame!


7a St Peters Street Canterbury

Kent CT1 2AT

01227 450 674